Course Introduction - Analytics - Reports and Dashboards

Thank you for enrolling in this fourth and final course in my new Salesforce Certified Administrator course series, recorded in Lightning Experience. This course covers the following Knowledge Areas of the exam:

  • Analytics - Reports and Dashboards
  • Workflow / Process Automation
  • Desktop and Mobile Administration
  • AppExchange

This section of the course is devoted to the Analytics - Reports and Dashboards knowledge area. In this Knowledge Area, you will learn all of the core concepts of the platform in order to be able to:

  • Describe the options available when creating or customizing a report (for example, report type, report format, fields, summarizing data, filtering data, charting, scheduling, and conditional highlighting).
  • Describe the impact of the sharing model on reports.
  • Describe the options available when creating and modifying dashboards (for example, dashboard components, data sources, chart types, scheduling, and running user).
  • Describe the capabilities of custom report types.

Let's get started with Analytics by first learning about Reports and then Dashboards. I'll see you in the next lesson!


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